Top Five Tips Shopping Online Electronics Equipment Used Daily

energy rating





1.Look for the star label on the appliances. In any product category, star labeled appliance are most energy efficient. More is the number of stars more energy efficient is the appliance


2.Buy the right sized appliance as per your requirement. Do not buy oversize refrigerator or AC or Washing machine if you do not require them. Larger is the appliance higher is the energy consumption and bills.


3.Think of the long term advantage while buying home appliances. Purchasing the star labeled appliances can cost more initially. But think of the amount of money you will save on your bills and repair in the next couple of years.


4.Check for the offers like free iron/ mixer, incentive programs like low interest loans and exchange programs like cash back or discount on exchange of old refrigerator as per its condition that are promoted by the manufacturers to encourage customers to buy energy efficient appliances.


5.Read the product guarantees, sellers’ terms and conditions, returns policies and privacy statements.Check that the website has 100% Purchase Protection for your shopping done online and certain service standards.


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