Top 7 Tips for How to Buy Shoes Online

1. Be sure you know exactly the size of your foot. Since you will not be able to try the shoes on before buying, it is important to know the exact size of your foot. Look at the size of the shoe which currently fits you well.

  • You should also be aware of any foot problems or conditions you have, such as flat feet.
  • If you want to be very precise with your foot size, buy a Brannock foot measurer online. This is the tool that stores use in order to measure the length and width of your foot. Buying this device will help ensure you are buying the correct size.
2. Determine what kind of shoe you want to buy. Are you looking for comfort, style, or a mix of both? These are important considerations to make before you decide on any shoe to buy. Determining the type of shoe will also help you narrow in on proper search terms.

  • Shopping for style is slightly harder online since you can't see how they actually look on you.Buying shoes for comfort is generally easier to do online.

3. Enter what you are searching for into Google, Amazon, or your favorite search engine/shopping website. For example, if you are looking for high heels, search "high heels" in the search field of whatever service you are using.

  • You may also wish to add the size in your search term, but many websites will allow you to select a size.
  • If you know of a particular company that you want to buy from, add the name of the company to the search term.
  • If you have a certain color or design in mind, also add these words to your search term.
4. Once you have found a shoe which appeals to you, look up the exact name of the shoe and read customer reviews.Customer reviews will be very useful, and something you do not necessarily get when shopping for shoes physically.

  • Amazon may be the most helpful in finding these reviews, even if you do not intend to buy the shoes from Amazon.
  • If you have any foot condition, be sure to look for reviews mentioning problems the shoe may have with the condition.
  • Determine the correct size for the shoe. Sizing is not uniform across all companies, so you will need to figure out which size is right for the particular company. Many online stores will have a chart, but reading customer reviews will also help with this task.
5. Compare prices for the same shoe from multiple websites. Certain online stores will have sales or offer the shoes at lower prices. Spend some time scouring through different search results before making your final purchase decision.

  • There are also websites which help you with this process. Look up "compare shoe prices" in your favorite search engine to find these websites.
  • Avoid sites like eBay or Craigslist when buying shoes since they will likely be used or have problems.
6. If you have any concerns with the shoe, feel free to call or e-mail the company with questions. If you have flat feet, for instance, ask the company how the shoe can support your condition.

  • Be wary of any company which refuses to respond to questions or is dismissive of you. When buying shoes online, you want a company which will be responsive to concerns.
7. Once you feel confident with your shoe choice, buy the shoe. Be sure whatever service you are using is safe and secure before entering credit card information. You can also use services like PayPal if you are unsure about the website.

  • Be sure the service accepts returns. There is a high chance that the shoe will not fit exactly right once it actually comes. No matter how much thought goes into the purchase, you will never know until you try it on.

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