Help / Save The Lives Of Flood Affected Citizens By Donating Relief Material / Food Now

बाढ़, सुनामी, भूकंप या कोई भी नैसर्गिक आपदा हमें एक बात सिखाती है,
हात में बहोत ही कीमती मोबाइल है, पर उसमे चार्जिंग नहीं है ।
रहनेको आलीशान घर है पर उसमे पानी भर जानेके कारन चैन की नींद नहीं ले सकते,
घर के सामने कार है मगर उसको चला नहीं सकते ।
बैंक में बहोत बड़ा बैंक बैलेंस है लेकिन उसे खर्च नहीं सकते ,
सोने, चांदी, हिरे, मोती से भरी तिजोरी है लेकिन उसे खा के जिन्दा नहीं रह सकते ।
उप्पर की सारी कीमती चीजे कमाते समय उसे जमा करते समय आप
हमेशा अपने अमूल्य शरीर की बहोत अच्छी तरीकेसे देखभाल करना भूलते रहे ,
आज आपका वही एक शरीर है जो सारे विपरीत परिस्थितियोमे आप के साथ है ।

हमेशा इंसानीयत और आपके शरीर की अच्छी तरीकेसे देखभाल करना न भूलना ।

"Take Care of Nature , Nature will take care of you"

- Santosh Ambekar (B.Sc,N.D) Naturopath, Modern Naturopathy

Addressing national concerns in the areas of Disaster Response, Social Development and Educational Initiatives. This is online donation idea for charities, where people can directly donate products needed instead of cash or money.


How this Donation Works?

Please Donate Food / Material As Given Below



Get Educational Books For Free Of Cost for the students of Std. 11th to 15th


Steps to be followed for online submission of Application Form under

Shree Siddhivinayak Book Bank Scheme

( For Individual Students )

Please read and understand fully before proceeding.


1.                  Visit the link: -

2.                  Select type of user: - Individual / Institution

3.                  Fill up the "Student's personal details". Give your correct mobile number for sending OTP (One Time Password) and also enter a 5 character password. 

4.                  Click the 'submit' button.

5.                  You will receive the your OTP number as a SMS on the mobile number registered by you.

6.                  Enter your OTP number in the space provided for it and there after click the 
'verify' button 

7.                  Now fill up "Educational details and Books details' 

8.                  'Click the "submit" button.

9.                  Click the "form print" button.

10.            Your complete form will be displayed. Now please check the details carefully. If all filled details are correct then take printout of the application form.

11.            Paste your latest photograph on the form.

12.            Please sign the undertaking. Signature on student's undertaking is mandatory.

13.            Get the form certified from the Educational Institution / College as mentioned on the back of the Application Form.

14           Submit the Application Form along with all necessary documents mentioned in the clause 1 of Rules and Regulations and pay necessary amount of deposit in the 
Trust Office.

Book Bank Portal

 Shop for Good Cause, Please Visit

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